Prof. (Dr.) T.R. Bhardwaj


  • Former Chairman, University Institute of pharmaceutical Sceinces, Punjab University, Chandigarh
  • Former Dean, Faculty of pharmaceutical Sceinces, Punjab University, Chandigarh
  • Former Director, SAIF (DST), USIC, CIL, pharmaceutical Sceinces, Punjab University
  • SRI-International Fellow, California, USA
  • Former Director, PG Studies/Academics, ISF College of pharmacy, PB.


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

                                                                                                                                      – Nelson Mandela.

There was a time when survival depended on just the realization of physiological needs. We are indeed privileged to exist in a time when ‘intellectual gratification’ has become indispensable. Information is easily attainable for the soul that is curious enough to go look for it. Technological boons enable information availability anywhere anytime. The difference, however, lies between those who look for information and those who look for knowledge.

Baddi University of Emerging Sciences & Technology (BUEST)’s aim is to provide students with the highest quality educational programmes and transformative experiences inside and outside of the classrooms in order to prepare each individual for roles of responsibility in service to society. We have highly qualified and experienced faculty and staff who mentor and support our students in this regard and student body that demonstrates a firm commitment to research, innovation and service. It is an honour to witness this frequently on the campus.

We at BUEST are committed to provide you with outstanding education, practical training and facilities in the career you have chosen to pursue. To touch this pedestal we constantly update our curriculum, so that good quality of professionals comes up to fulfil the emerging needs of industries and social landscape. Not just for a decent career, we prepare a student for life. Endowing you with the best of facilities, we emphasize on imparting excellent education to our students in an encouraging environment; we pay equal attention to the overall development of our students. We provide opportunities for students to develop their personalities in terms of sports and cultural activities so that they become good human beings. We firmly believe in knowledge creation and knowledge dissemination through our highly qualified and experienced faculty.

The University is known for its “State of Art” infrastructure, conducive and secure environment, various innovative schemes like “Betiyon ki Bari”, “Idea Factory”, “Project Based Learning” and many more which are acclaimed all over region. In addition, the university has carved a niche that supports the transformation of the work culture to be competent professional through teamwork, innovation, receptiveness, and efficiency. BUEST provides conducive atmosphere to the students for ethnic development of their personality.

The achievements of our alumni are indeed commendable. We invite you to join us. It is our responsibility to groom and enable you to fulfil your dream and build up your bright career with BUEST.