Substantial scholarships are offered by the university to reward meritorious students joining the University and to further motivate them to put their best during the course of their studies. Newly admitted students are allowed exemption in tuition fee for the first year of their studies on the basis of their ranks in the respective Entrance Tests. In the subsequent year(s), students are rewarded for their sustained hard work and merit in the results declared by the University for the preceding year. This reward is given for the academic performance on a year to year basis.

Betiyon Ki Baari


We have an exclusive scholarship scheme for girl students who intend to excel on professional front.

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Academic & Additional


This scholarship scheme will be effective for the subsequent years provided the student fulfill.

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Scholarships have been distributed among 3 different categories:

  • Academic Scholarship
  • Betiyon Ki Baari
  • Additional Scholarships

On the basis of qualifying examination

Course > 70% and  ≤80% > 80% and ≤90% > 90% and  ≤95% > 95%
For all Program other then B.Pharma and M.Sc Chemistry 15% On tuition fees 25% On tuition fees 50% On tuition fees 100% On tuition fees
Course > 60% and ≤70% > 70% and ≤80% > 80% and ≤90% > 90%
For School of Management Studies (For MBA course only) 10% On tuition fees 15% On tuition fees 25% On tuition fees 70% On tuition fees

Scholarship on the basis of JEE mains score

Name of Examination > 75 and < 100 ≥100 and <125
JEE Mains Score 25% On tuition fees 50% On tuition fees

Additional Scholarships

  1. Fee concession to University employees and their wards:
    50% concession in tuition fees is allowed to self/spouse/son/daughter of University Employees. Extended blood relations of University employees, defined as brother/sister of University employee, son or daughter of brother/sister of University Employee are allowed 15% tuition fee waiver. (This Fee concession is throughout the course till the employee continues to work in the University)
  2. Course Fee waiver for the wards of Freedom Fighters and Defence personnel: 20% concession in tuition fees is allowed to Son/Daughter or Grandson/Grand daughter of Freedom Fighters, Son/Daughter of serving Armed Forces/ Para-Military Forces/Police Force Personnel and differently abled children with 50% or higher impairment. This Fee concession continues throughout the course
  3. Fee concession to Baddi University students joining next higher degree in the University: A student of Baddi University on completion of one degree, getting admitted to next degree is allowed 25% tuition fee concession or Rs. 30,000, whichever is lower.

Scholarship for M.Sc./M.Tech. Students

Depending on the requirement of University departments/ schools, some of the M.Tech/M.Sc students may be awarded teaching assistant ship of Rs. 5000/Rs. 3000 per month respectively.

Note: Eligible students for scholarship can avail only one Scholarship scheme at a time.