IDEA Factory

IDEA FACTORY offers a combination of labs and workshops and is amply equipped to carter each stage of product development cycle brainstorming, designing, prototyping & testing. It is an all-encompassing incubation center to convert original thoughts into products. The setup provides platform to students, faculty and industry experts to pool in their ideas and jointly work on the realization of their product. It also serves as a transfer agency when the idea, converted into the product, will be shared with the respective industry for production and design. The products churned out, of the Idea Factory consist of two types – projects generated independently by individuals or teams and funded projects undertaken in conjunction with the relevant industry.


Ongoing Projects

• Wheel chair that can climb up the stairs (customized for BUEST)
• Mosquito repellent working on Inverter technology (A handy device)
• A noise filtering device enabling a group of person to talk while sitting around a table in noisy environment
• Anti-forget key device
• Knee cap that can charge a personal mobile while on work


Patents Filed


Application No.

Docket No.

Date of Submission

Helmet Wear Warden (HWW) 3901 13170 18.12.2012
Pneumatic Crown Safety Redifined 3902 13171 18.12.2012