How to Develop Your Skills

How to Develop Your Skills

We lead busy lives. And it isn’t easy to take time out for thing. But as human beings we have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. So here are a few websites where you can learn how to develop your skills without disturbing your busy schedules too much.
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1. Khan Academy: The website offers courses that deal with Mathematics, school education, science, etc. The website is a great resource for people still in school and those wishing to brush up on the stuff you learned in school.

2. Audible: The website has the largest library of audiobooks, giving you access to almost any book you want. You can go through the books while doing practically anything, and you can even increase the speed of the reading.
3. Go High Brow: For those who have very limited time, Go High Brow offers its users 5 minute courses to learn & develop your skills such as business, history, marketing, etc. It works by sending new videos to the subscribers on their emails every day.

4. Duolingo: Operating as both website and app, this is the most user friendly and interactive resource for learning foreign languages.
5. The Skimm: The website send you news and current events as per the interests you select from around the world.


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