About Us

The School of Management Studies (SMS) holds a vision of shaping leaders for the exigent corporate houses the world over. It transfers a very clear perception of becoming an academically responsive to the necessities of the corporate. Since its inception the school has set standards to help in shaping up proficient management students for touching the supreme echelons in professional development.

Dean Message

Dr. Prashant Mehta
Dean, SMS

How do we measure our progress? How do we sum up the size of our success?

It’s my privilege to pitch in a few words as foreword in our esteemed SMS, giving me wonderful opportunity to share and turn your attention towards the real touchstones of progress.

The world today is a much better place. Or must I say, that we are the exclusive lot to have witnessed technology soar human endeavors to glorious heights. And this was all not without the power of dreams and determination. But as we scale new heights and frontiers, we must have the ability to shaft and arm this success. In other words, to engineer and administer with right-handed precision and decision.This is where Management calls the shots.

At times Management gets twisted with semantics but in simple terms, if you are steering your studies, family, friends, health and your goals well Then understand that you are a good manager. Plain and Simple.

Academically, it may not be as unassuming as it may sound. Today taking admission in Management may not be sweaty, but the road that leads to be a good manager has by no means any short cuts. This is where we step in.

The good news is that we have the best machinery lined up to line you up to access the best available opportunities. SMS rigorously works with aspiring professionals with Project based learning and Hands on learning through collaboration with Industries, cherry picked for their liberal learning and effectual experience.Knowledge is empirical and we keenly generate ideas that have impact in the workplace and believe that students learn best through interface and interactive debate, so the opportunity to question current thinking is positively stimulated and encouraged.

What else do we have in store?

As we recognize the importance of engagement with business and society; we encourage our students to do the same. An enriching experience, tied with the commitment to become responsible citizens, we engage in setting the tone for a long-standing foundation for our students, with the vision to reflect it in the society.

Endearingly, it’s the partnership between students and academic that accounts for why we are so highly ranked for both student satisfaction and graduate employ ability.These are the few clutch ways that speed up our success. And this is how we measure our progress and the size of our success.

Wherefore, allow me to welcome and tour you through a culturally vibrant and dynamic community that has ample room for all those who want to shift gears and get cracking towards a new level.


Master of Business Administration (MBA)


The program offers ample choice of Major and Minor specializations in any of the two selected areas such as:

  • Marketing Management
  • Finance Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Real Estate Management,
  • Retail Management
  • Hospitality &Tourism Management.
  • Pharmaceutical Management

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)


The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA or B.B.A.) is a bachelor’s degree in commerce and business administration.

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)


A Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com. or B.Comm.) is an undergraduate degree in business (or commerce).



A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is a type of doctorate degree awarded by universities in many countries.