Academic Adoption

BUEST, Baddi intends to redefine Academia Industry relationship through one of its kind, unique and innovative handshaking program,

“Academic Adoption Program”. This partnership will help the industry to identify the budding talent right at the nascent stage. The

students, in turn will have an opportunity to be adopted by the corporate world on the basis of their performance in the selection



Selection Process

1) Academic Adoption program will start in 2nd year of Engineering.

2). Should have at least 60 % in 12th standard.

3). LEET student can also apply for this program.

4) Should be able to work in shifts.


Working of Academic Adoption Programme:

BUEST sending 2nand 3rdyear students to Alpla India Pvt. Ltd. Baddi (H.P) in 2 batches ( 9 students in each batch). These two batches

will work in the adopted industry alternatively for 15 days in a month i.e. for 1st seven days, one of the two batches will be working in the

industry, while other will be involved in academics and vice-versa for the next 7 days in a month. Students should be ready to work in

different shift timings with Alpla India Pvt. Ltd. Baddi (H.P).


Name of Company:

Alpla India Pvt. Ltd. Baddi(H.P) selected 18 students from Mechanical and Electrical Engineering for the new

batch of Academic Adoption Program.


Following are the list of students selected in B.Tech. Academic Adoption Program:

Mechanical-16 (9 from 2nd year and 7 from 3rd year)

Electrical Engineering – 2 (2nd year)